Despite the deep and complex chemistry of analog instant film, with new meaning, it has returned to our lives. Turning light into images, if not ingenious, is then the simple joy of watching magic develop. More on

Directed & Produced by Kelly Nyks & Jared P. Scott
Produced by Callie Barlow
Director of Photography: Mike McSweeney
Edited by Tony Hale / Animation by Never Odd or Even
 Music by Malcolm Francis / VFX by Noah Poole
Colorist: Josh Kanuck
Production Assistance by Amos Efrat
Fixer: Jereon Mente
Special thanks to Stephen Herchen, Oskar Smolokowski, Alex Holbrook, Hank & The Enschede Team
Photographs courtesy of Ale di Gangi, Matteo Varsi & Joe Polaroid Photography